Dual Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit For the Spy Hunter In You


Here’s an extremely awesome DIY kit for the exhaust system on your car. �Shoot up to 20 feet of flame right out of the tailpipe with the push of a button. Is this even legal? Arsonists everywhere would be drooling if it was legal. Tailgaters will surely learn their lesson from tailing someone with one of these installed. Getting away from the feds after you just pulled a bank heist will never be easier, but shooting flames out the rear-end of your car could help. Of course, it’ll just melt your trunk.


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  1. hehe… guy on an owners club messageboard i used to frequent had his own version of this. it was known as “realise your engine is running heinously rich, then put that spare spark plug and ignition coil in the garage to good use” 😀

  2. now tht’s wat called as rocket engine technology… lolz

  3. hi i would like to check that currently that my car have flame thrower which is shot enough. i wish to make flame thrower as tall ( 20 feet) because i always play car competition level here. please advice me.

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