Dropzone 3: Simple, Smart, and on Sale!

dropzone 3

Dropzone 3, the little app that boosts drag and drop productivity on your Mac, just got even better! I have been using this app for a couple of weeks now – and I should say I am mighty impressed! If you are not exactly sure what it is or what it does for your Mac, here’s all you need to know.

Whatever happened to AirDrop?

AirDrop – the wireless file sharing technology built into OS X – is more than alright when it works. But here’s the glitch: it is no good when it comes to sharing music or video files. Besides, it is limited to apps that support it. For power users who are constantly sharing files online, Dropzone is the smarter option.

How does Dropzone work?

Dropzone sits up in your OS X Menu Bar. When you click it, a drop-down window unfurls. Here you have shortcuts for a variety of apps and folders. You can drag files, text, etc. into these icons and then specify the action you want implemented. There are also built-in actions for integrated sharing services, like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. For instance, you can drag a bunch of images and have them instantly uploaded to Flickr.

What’s new about Dropzone 3?

Dropzone 3 was recently updated. Here’s why the update is fabulous news:

  • The new Drop Bar introduced allows you to temporarily store a number of files – for example, a document from your hard drive or an image from your browser. You can stack these files together so that you may share or move them all at once. If that doesn’t beat option clicking, what does?
  • Imgur has now been added to the mix of integrated sharing services. If you are the kind that uploads a lot of GIFs to Reddit or simply loves sharing photos, this update should make things a whole lot more convenient.
  • Other things newer and better include greater AirDrop support, a Notification Center, and progress bars for tasks being performed.


This app truly works better than you’d expect it to. We strongly recommend you check it out. You can presently buy it at a 50% discounted rate of $4.99 on the Mac App Store. If you want to try it before you buy it, the trial version is available for download on the official site.

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