Don’t Bin Your Favourite Apple Gadgets


If you are an Apple fan, the chances are that you have been for some time. Almost from the get go Apple got consumers hooked on their products. There are homes out there that have relied on Apple gadgets for two decades or more.

This means that you are quite likely to have several old Apple gadgets rattling around in your drawers or cupboards. If this is you, the information on this page will be of great interest to you. Here we give you several ways to re-use or re-purpose those devices. We have even included a great way to get your broken Apple devices back into day-to-day use, but first here are a few suggestions for those gadgets that are still working.

Re purposing your old iPods

I still use my iPod several times a week when I go running. Having dropped my smartphone twice and finding the straps that would keep it in place on my arm cumbersome; I gave up taking it out ages ago. My old iPod does the job nicely keeping me on the move with tunes I love and an old keypad phone keeps me in touch while I am out.

However, simply using it as a music player is a bit boring especially when you consider how much more you can do with it. Here are just a few suggestions I found online and there are tutorials out there to show you how to do everyone.

  • Turn it into a mini TV
  • Turn your iPod into a standalone speaker
  • Make an Ouija board with an old iPod
  • Tune your guitar with an iPod
  • Use it as a universal remote control
  • Use it as an eReader
  • Turn it into a cool alarm clock
  • Use it as a recording studio

The list goes on and on. Some of my favourites along with quick video instructions can be found here. OK so there are a few things to do with an old iPod what about your old iPhone?

Fantastic ways to use an old iPhone

The iPhone is even more versatile than the iPod. Not all of the alternative uses listed below will work for the earlier versions, but most of them will.

Using apps, you can turn old iPhones into fantastic surveillance devices. You can set it up with motion sensor capabilities and get it to record any movement in the area you are surveying. They also make backup baby monitors. Iphones make great document scanners and are an excellent way to store copies of important documents.

What to do with broken Apple gadgets

If you have old Apple equipment rattling around a drawer our advice is to get it out choose a project and get it repaired. There is an Apple store in Weston FL that offers a postal repair service. This means that wherever you live in the US you can get your gadgets repaired. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much the cost of repairs has come down in the past few years.

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