Dogbrella Keeps Dogs Dry, Eliminates Wet Dog Smell and Embarrasses Your Pup in Front of Their Friends

My dog took one look at this thing and very frankly told me, “There is absolutely no fricken’ way I’m wearing that thing,” except she didn’t exactly use the word fricken’. And in a way, I don’t blame her. She’s told me before that, much like me, she see’s anything more than Yoda Costumes as crossing the line. I respect that.

But she also needs to take my needs into consideration. She doesn’t realize that the smell of wet dog hair isn’t as pleasurable to us as it is to them. In fact, it’s barely pleasurable at all. So something tells me that we’re going to be making a compromise. Dogbrella for me, Zombie Jerky for her. I think we can both deal with that. Get your own for $29.95.

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  1. cant you just get a human umbrella and flip it over

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