Doctor Who Voice Changer Helmet makes you a Cyberhead

doctor who cyberman voice changer helmet

Possibly the most famous shows about time-travel to ever break through on British and America crossover TV is bound to have some cool accessories. Dr. Who flowed through British televeision screens for over 30 years. The Doctor Who Cyberhead Voice Changer brings a piece of the show into your home,

Product specs include:

This Voice Changer is a replica Cyberhead at 1:1 scale, and features speech, sound effects and lights!

It has 3 play buttons :-

Button 1 – play Cyberman phrases and light up mouth.

Button 2 – change your voice into a Cybermans voice, for role playing and he also has a light up mouth.

Button 3 – Cyber weapon sound effects.

Requires 3xAA Batteries (included)

While we suppose this is made for children, in a weird way it was made more for us adults who followed the show and now own the DVD’s. While definitly a weird thing to want, who ever said being normal was any fun? — Andrew Dobrow

Doctor Who Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet  [via Wists]

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