Do You Play Online Games? Then You Would Love This


It’s hard to look for decent, online, in-browser games nowadays. This is where Poki comes in. Poki is your one-stop-shop for all things fun and games but without a price tag. For game buffs who don’t want the hassle of downloading apps or software, then this is where it’s at. Games by Poki are all free and can be played smoothly in most browsers. Chrome users might find that they can’t play some games but this can be easily remedied by switching to a different browser. There are literally thousands of games to choose from so it’s perfect for parents who want their kids to play certified child-friendly games that won’t harm their kids in anyway.

Intellectual Games 

Nowadays, it’s so easy to buy an iPad/tablet and download all the free gaming apps that you want. But here’s the catch: in-app purchases. In-app purchases are so ubiquitous nowadays that nobody seems to be complaining. So these free games aren’t actually free at all. The in-app purchases are usually required to go further into the game so if you don’t purchase, the game is useless. 

But for folks who simply want to play on laptops or PCs for free and without having to download anything, in-browser games like that on are your best bet. For parents who want their kids to have fun and play online games, in-browser games are a good bet. For one, it’s easy to limit “screen time” on laptops and PCs but harder on smartphones/tablets. And besides, all the games on this site are definitely made to enhance a child’s mental capacity while having fun at the same time. Is your kid having math problems? There are hundreds of math and logic games to be found on the site. Is your child a fan of lego games? There are a lot of fun lego games in the site that are all child-friendly and adult-approved.

Fun Games

If you want to let off steam or you’d simply like to practice your targeting skills, there are shooting games on the site that have cool graphics and no lag involved. Of course, if your internet connection slows down or has any glitches, your browser may lag and as a result, so will your game. That’s the only thing you have to look out for but that’s about it.

For adults who are on a shared computer and don’t want to download any stuff, in-browser gaming sites like Poki are awesome alternatives. In fact, you might not go back to gaming apps that promise free games but have hidden charges after you’ve tried this alternative.

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