DIY: SNES Game Cartridge USB Hub


So, you haven’t been able to find that perfect USB hub to extend your peripheral horizons, yet you’ve been looking for what feels like decades. Forget about the middleman. There’s no need to buy a hub from a third-party as long as you’ve got some time, around $30 and a little technical prowess.

The SNES Game Cartridge USB Hub is versatile enough to be used as both a computer hub or just a standard gamepad for running all of your pirated classic favorites on an emulator. One of the coolest parts of a project like this is that it’s so personal. You can choose any SNES game you want. Pick your favorite or make it humorous (Shaq-Fu, anyone?). It’s your call. Check out a less “artsy” photo after the jump.



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  1. what power is needed for hub

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