DIY: Rusty nail LED night light


It’s not so much that we are scared of the dark, but that we love DIY gadgets. Yeah…that’s the reason we’re discussing this project. This cool rusty nail LED night light was made with a technical ingenuity seen only through reruns of MacGyver. We realize CAT 5 wire isn’t something most people have lying around their house, but if you can’t seem to find any, just snatch some wiring out of an old transformer. This project is a cool lesson in how inductors work through electricity, and makes for a nice night light for our other people’s fear of the dark. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Steven Ainsworth

    a true artist is one who can improvise. Who would have ever though that a inductor could made so simply.

  2. i don’t understand why half of this is necessary…

    at school in tech class we managed to make LEDs work just fine with a DC source (say, a 9v block battery) and a zener diode / resistor (take your pick depending on the voltage). what’s the inductor and coil for? to ramp it up over 1.5v is the only use I can think of… is it not a low-V LED then?

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