DIY: R/C Steam Turbine Tank


We are aware that R/C cars might not be the hottest thing right now for us geeks, especially with all of the other toys floating around. Though, this DIY R/C Stea, Turbine Tank is a unique opportunity for you to make something that hasn’t been done 3 billion times.

Take heed, because this project is not a safe one. You’ll be dealing with some flammable materials and chemicals so be very cautious. In order to create steam power, you need fire. Anything dealing with fire is a potential hazard. Though, if you follow all the guidelines, you’ll have yourself a really cool and unique R/C toy. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I love your tank. gives me a project to work on with the kids. thanks

  2. This is awsome! I see it all the time on youtube 🙂 I’m planing on building one some day but right now i don’t have the materials.

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