DIY Melted LEGO Lamp Looks Edible: Keep Away From Children And Fatties


If your home is frequented by children who love climbing your furnishings and eating paint chips and other odd fixtures, or by obese friends or family who are known to munch on anything they can get their fingers on, the Melted LEGO Lamp is probably not the best lighting fixture to showcase in your home.

The melted LEGO pieces look a little too much like delicious gummy bears to keep within arms reach of the said personalities. The good news is that if you are children or fat cousin-free, you can make your very own Melted LEGO Lamp to brighten up your room. You could even match it with the LEGO toilet paper dispenser for a theme bathroom. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Why – and how – could anyone destroy LEGO like that!?!?!? just the sight of it makes me sick!!

  2. This is incredible…not sure about the edible though haha >.<
    may i ask how exactly you made such an awesome and quirky lampshade?

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