DIY: Joinmax Digital Quadruped Robot Kit


This cool kit gives you everything you need to create your own four-legged, spider-like robot. The Joinmax Digital Quadruped Robot Kit packs in an intermediate level DIY project, with 8 servos for enough degrees of freedom to explore and experiment with the robots motion and gait. The only thing not included in the set that an amateur robotics builder would need to add is 5 AA batteries to get the little guy going. To assemble the robot all you need is a phillips head screw driver and you’ll have your very own built robot in under two hours, even for the novice builder. No glue is needed since each piece is form fit to match the other. The Quadruped also comes with illustrated instructions and is available for $230. It might not be enough to win you world domination, but it’s a start. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [Pololu]

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