DIY Glass Etching

Glass can be arranged in many ways and while it can look beautiful on its own, adding etchings or coloring can really bring a unique feel to your home. Instead of spending a small fortune on having glass etched professionally or buying expensive tools, you can easily create your own designs with some painter’s tape and other tools.

If you’re aiming to use this procedure on your door, windows or any glass that lets in natural light, keep in mind that the process requires painting the glass black or another dark color to emphasize your designs. I’d recommend making a custom coffee table, bathroom window or art piece if you’re going to try it out.

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  1. The above picture of the dragon intertwined with a sword was not done with glass etching, but rather by engraving two separate pieces of acrylic (plexi-glass) and illuminating them from the sides with LEDs. The above window is also not painted black, it is transparent.

    Don’t believe me?

    p.s. I will never stop reading gearfuse daily, even if there are slightly misinformed articles once in a while

  2. This etching is very cool and your right Hank, it is based on two different pieces of plexi glass. I have seen this showed on other places too. Really there are so many possibilities that you can do with glass. I work with this quite a bit too and you can do more advanced things too such as sandcarving (although not for thin plexi-glass). If you guys need any tutorials on some of the creative things to do with glass. let me know.

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