Discard Your WiiMotes In Favor Of Something More Fun

Let’s be square with one another: you haven’t used your WiiMotes since you got Super Smash Bros: Brawl. That’s alright though, because Tom Tlalim of the Netherlands was in the same boat as you. Using eight Nintendo Wii controllers, that previously were doing nothing more than collecting dust, Tom is able to create and manipulate sound in real time.
This is made possible through a sound software known as SuperCollider, which Tim utilizes in conjunction with the eight WiiMotes using a suit dubbed “W_space.” The Wiimotes attach to the wearer´┐Żs arms and legs with each WiiMote effecting a different aspect of the wearer’s movement to produce sound. It’ll keep you fit as you prance about like a fairy while making cool noises. Hey, you couldn’t look any more gay than when you play the Wii Fit!

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