Decisions, Decisions: Mario’s Dilemma

Let’s play a little game. You’ve spent your entire life killing the closest friends of Bowser. But how will you take action when your two most beloved are at the edge of death, and only one can possibly be saved. Neither path will be easy. You’ll have to choose. But be quick, the clock is ticking.

Damn you, Jigsaw! Mario super fan Michael Mayne created “Plumber’s Dilemma,” the hardest existential situation Mario has ever encountered. Pauline or Princess Peach? You decide.

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  1. VirusOfMushroomKingdom

    i have an awnser and a comment.
    Awnser:Peach!! help peach! Peach has been around since Super Mario Bros.(the one that most people think is the orginal.)and see it like this, mario:Pauline….really….one;what the fizz were you THINKING?!?! AND TWO;
    Like 3 or 4 mega-drone-like nerds would recingize her existence.
    Peach:Mario,…..everyone(including Sonic the hedgehog,yeah that furball knows)knows that your in love withe princess…umm….Toadstool….and besides,you’ve gone through i’m-not-even-sure-how-many games to save that
    girl……………Oh,and peach,we’ve got things called alarms….try it…TRY IT DANG IT WOMAN! BOWSER IS A PERV!
    LOCK THA DOORS DAM***1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I Should choose Pauline.
    she is more sexy than peach

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