Custom Pokemon Hoodies

I was a little too old to really go crazy over Pokemon, but I have played a few of the games. Never got into the whole trading card thing either. I was a Magic: The Gathering guy. Pokemon cards were about a generation too late for my interest. But there’s no denying the inherent cuteness (for the most part) and the overall popularity of the series.

These amazing custom made-to-order Pokemon hoodies are hand created by DeviantArt user ChompUnchained. She sells each for about $85. Just send her a note if you’re interested. I, for one, prefer to live my life outside of a pokeball.

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  1. i was wondering if the hoodies had too be 85$ because i really love pokemon and i wanted one of your hoodies really badly

  2. The mother of a pokemon fan

    You can get a a hoodie like this at the Hot Topic store for $50.00. Anyone see a better price than that? No way I would pay 85 when I can pay 50 or less when they go on sale.

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