Creative “No Photo” Facebook Pics: The Cool Way to be Anonymous

I’m always curious why some Facebook users are so guarded that they refuse to put any sort of profile picture, period. I can understand not wanting to put a picture of yourself, but at least uploading some sort of image to catch our attention would be nice.

These creative “No Photo” Facebook pics take the ‘fault’ out of default. Why settle for standard anonymity when you can project an image of power, such as Batman or Spock. Hit the jump for more “No Photo” images.

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  1. Can you make some girl ones PLEASE =)

  2. It’s not as good as theirs (IMHO) but I made a wonder woman one for my facebook… you are welcome to it.

  3. I like the Wonder Woman one! 🙂

  4. SAMANTHA!!! I love WONDER WOMAN!! I love this photo. Hope you dont mind if I use it .. Thanks!

  5. thats cool! Dose anyone have a supergirl one?

  6. Pretty cool – I might use the Batman one

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