Create a vaccum seal to make wine stay longer

wine bottle vacuum sealIt is quite obvious that the winter holiday season is now gone. It would be wrong to say that it left just a quickly as it came, because the Christmas merchandise usually goes up for sale around October. So now that all of the holiday parties are over, what are you going to do with all of this extra food, well here’s what you can do with the wine that you didn’t drink (shame on you). This inexpensive little device creates a vacuum inside of your wine bottle so that the wine doesn’t go bad so quickly. It only costs $12, and with a couple pumps, your wine will be ready to stay for a few more days in the fridge. It is made of a simple brushed metal and sits on top of your pre-openned bottles. One little bit of advice, unless you want to go into explanation mode to all of your new sophisticated friends, don’t let them see this awesome gadget. Not only will they have one in less than a week, you will lose that cool feeling that you had discovered something for yourself for once… — Nik Gomez

Wine Bottle Seal [via UberReview]

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  1. We’ve had one of these for years (google: Vacu-vin), and it is properly awesome. So much so that the speed with which wine goes bad once the bottle is opened caught me somewhat by surprise when I went to university….

    Ours is a more compact but less convenient type; the pump is seperate rather than built in, and the stoppers are simple moulded rubber items that operate just the same as the plugs on an inflatable pool toy, and you squeeze them to release the pressure.

    And prior to that, we do have some archaic non-pumping jobs in the second drawer that still create an airtight seal, for shorter-term preservation, using some kind of lever arrangement that keeps the rubber part small for insertion/removal, then expands it for storage.

    $12 is very definitely worthwhile

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