Could This be the New PS4?

Well… no. This isn’t the PS4. Not really. But it’s pretty close.

Sony has already said that they projected the PS3 to have a 10 year lifespan. So, we’ve got at least another 5 years with our slimmed-down PS3s before we can even really hope for a PS4.

However, that didn’t stop Joseph Dumary, who has designed a concept for the PS4 that would make Ken Kutaragi cry.

Joseph’s PS4 is made out of 60% recyclable materials, magnesium alloy and carbon. While in standby, the system would use zero watts. Every 30 minutes, the system would run off of an internal battery for 5 minutes, disconnecting from outlet power. It would also have a 3-D Blu-Ray optical drive, DLNA, five USB 3.0 ports, a 1.5 TB hard drive, support for 4k resolution, a touchscreen controller and wireless HDMI connectivity.

Yeah. Sony needs to hire this guy.

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