Cool Toys: Dog That Vomits Slime

Toys sure have evolved over the years. It went from the basic teddy bear, to Creepy Crawlers (remember those fuckers?), to Mighty Max to the dog that vomits slime. Come August, toy company Mega House, a subsidiary of Bandai, will ship “Biri Biri Kaze Hiki Wanko” or “Shocking Sick Puppy”, a Japanese toy guaranteed to disgust many parents out there.

It plays like the classic game, Operation. Reach into the pooch‘s mouth and grab the germs. Touch the slime and your ass gets shocked back into the Stone Age. Collect the most germs, you win. A simple, yet, disgustingly awesome game.

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  1. Like playing with doggie vomit? Sounds great if that’s what you’re into….get yours here, sicko:

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