Clerks Wii Case Mod: I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today


We’ve seen our share of awesome Wii-themed mods, including the Bloodstained Manhunt 2 Wii Case Mod, and even a mod for the Wii’s peripherals, like the Power Glove Wiimote mod. This case mod was commissioned for Kevin Smith himself, based around the ultra-geeky cult following of the movie Clerks.

Featuring figurines of the four main characters of the movie on one side, and a View Askew (Kevin Smith’s production company) logo on the other, with the Wiimote and Nunchuck branding the words “Silent Bob” and “Kevin Smith”, the Clerks case mod is a cool fanatic made design. In my opinion, the case mod seems to be designed to resemble the short-running animated series that was made for Clerks.



Andrew Dobrow

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