Clarion GPS system and entertainment center for your pimped out ride


Clarion Japan has revealed some new details about their fully-packed MAX9700DT car navigation / entertainment system. This thing is going to be absolutley loaded with goodies, but costs as much as most used-cars. All models include a 1-seg TV Tuner, specially made for mobile broadcasts. With so many added features, the GPS system goes underlooked, but with Clarion’s 3D street level navigation, you’re getting the best of the best.

The system wil come with a widescreen 7 inch display built for a king. Add in a 40 GB hard drive, a DVD drive, a touch-activated screen which can replicate the interface of an iPod when connected, 5.1 Dolby audio, SD memory slots, four 50W channels, and of course the (gasp!) AM/FM radio, and you have yourself a ¥341,250 ($2,800) car entertainment system. — Andrew Dobrow

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