Cingular working with Myspace

cingular myspaceYahoo! is reporting that the largest U.S. cellphone carrier is going to offer integration to the largest social network in the world. What does this mean? Not too much actually. It means that for an extra $2.99 a month you Myspace junkies can get your fix from your Cingular phone. For that 3 bucks you can upload your emo phone pictures, create depressing blog posts, and even respond to that child predator’s message.

With over 130 million users, Myspace has quickly become the largest online social network and is being carried by only one other small phone service, Helio. However, Myspace has said that Cingular’s format will be more functional that than of Helio.

Using the platform should be a breeze, all you need to do is download the Java software application to your phone. Currently, only 30 phone models are supported, with 20 more on the way, accounting for 90% of Cingular’s users. The phone carrier has said that video is not supported, but we should expect it some time in 2007. Yipee. As if the teens of today aren’t on Myspace enough, now they have to be on their phones. — Zach Wilt

Cingular to offer Myspace on cellphones [Yahoo! news]

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