Slippers that let you see in the dark

We’ve all been there. Walking to the bathroom in the pitch black, fumbling for the wall to prevent a spill. Why walk around aimlessly in the dark at 3 in the morning, while the cockroaches and mice laugh at you? Spare yourself the humiliation and grab a pair of these lighted slippers. A light sensor signals the LED lights to ...

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Electric Bicycle Moves You

Urban Mover is a rising star in the electric bicycle world, and the new UM50 looks to keep it on an upward track.   The UM50 is a six-speed electric bike for either city or recreational use, which comes equipped with a quality Shimano gear system and 36-volt rechargeable battery pack. It can climb hills up to 10 degrees of ...

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NASA finds evidence of water on Mars

New photographs compared to older photographs of Mars’ surface show evidence that water once flowed, or still does flow on the Red Planet. The Mars Orbital Camera shows deposits like would be seen from a stream of water or urine, but the lack of life proves otherwise. The Surveying Camera has taken hundreds of photos of craters and gullies that ...

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The DVinci Forgiato Radurra: look ma, no rims!

Where did the rim go? If you fixed up your car and you think it looks good, but you don’t have these DVinci Forgiato Raurra rims, your car aint nothin son. These rooms are completely see-through! The makers cite their past and jewelry manufacturing, using a technique known as bezel setting which they claim “only master diamond setters can know”. ...

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Maverick Solo Jet, Fly Higher Than Rick James

Have you ever had the impulse to travel at speed’s upwards of Mach .82? If your answer is yes and you have an extra 1.25 million dollars to shell out, consider yourself a modern day Lindberg. The Maverick solo jet is man’s answer to the question “Why can’t human’s fly?”. For a cool lump of change, mankind is now able ...

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New Folding Bike Eliminates Pesky Gears

Enjoy riding bikes, but hate those annoying gears, and all the space they take up? Well, Strida has an answer to both your problems with their model 3. It has only one gear, equivalent to 4th gear on a ten-speed bike, and folds in seconds to store in very small spaces. It also weighs only 22 pounds, and uses a ...

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