Almost feels like teleporting… almost

Japanese company Frepar has announced the commercialization of their almost-teleporting communicate-Pod. What this thing does is that it allows the real-time teleporting of full 3D image of objects between both parties, so essentially it “looks” like teleporting. When you want to show your friend your new hamster, simply place it on the Sci-fi looking device, let it walk around in ...

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OKWAP S868 Smartphone: virtual scroll wheel over the keypad

Taiwanese company OKWAP announced this morning their first smartphone S868. It is one of the rarer Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphones that give you a stylus and an alphanumeric keypad but keeping everything in petiteness (106x51x18mm 122g). The touch screen measures 2.4 inches diagonally, and the camera at the back is a 2 megapixel CMOS with autofocus. OKWAP personalized the system ...

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Apple 802.11n update costs… $1.99! It’s official.

Double Apple news day! After all of those damn rumors about how much activating the 802.11n ability would cost, we now know! Apple is charging $1.99 for the software update. At first this was supposed to cost about $5, then it went to $2, then the hopefulls said it’s free!, now it’s officially $2. — Nik Gomez AirPort Extreme 802.11n ...

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Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-TD lets your laptop become a TV

TV tuners are where it’s at. Hauppauge has just released a new dual-antenna notebook TV tuner dubbed the WinTV Nova-TD. It connects to your laptop (or desktop if you need it to) though its USB interface. It connects to two antennas which pick up the digital TV signals. It is able to combine the signal from the two into a ...

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Review: Sony WiFi HiFi VGF-WA1 turned out disappointing

Sony announced their WiFi HiFi VGF-WA1 at CES earlier, whilst we don’t have our hands-on with them, those folks from Impress Japan has already reviewed it. It is always good to get some more background information before we import blindly. The WA1 turned out disappointing. The installing process was okay, but not particularly userfriendly, it also required quite some manual ...

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Blu:sens portable audio player integrates WiFi the right way

WiFi, the latest and greatest feature addition that seems to ensure heavy press if you integrate it, right or wrong doesn’t matter. Here we have the Blu:sens G14 that has integrated the WiFi in a way that makes you wonder what Microsoft was thinking. Blu:sens will allow users so share songs with others wirelessly, and the recipients will be able ...

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