The Nature of Petroglyphs

The Bradshaw paintings, petroglyphs found on the lands of Australia's Wanjina Wunggurr Wilinggi people, are perhaps 46 to 70,000 years oldyet their colors remain bright, their figures sharply delineated. A new study suggests that the colors remain vivid because they're alive.

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Flocks of Trouble

A mystery deepens as more redwing blackbirds turn up dead in the America South. It's likely not UFOs or secret weapons, but the birds' instinctual flocking behavior, that's to blame.

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Unevenly Distributed: Disillusionment, Clark Nova, The MacBook Air & The Perfect Writer’s Machine

After fifteen years I've finally found the perfect writer's machine in the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air. It fuses together both the best software and hardware of which a writer could ever dream, while boasting all of the slender and effortless portability of a composition journal. It is a writer's terminal in the purest sense: with its excellent battery life, ephemeral weight, satisfying keyboard and instant-on capabilities, the new MacBook Air is perfectly suited to be the nexus into the inner chaos of my own thoughts, feelings, hang-ups, pretensions and emotions as a blank page. So why isn't writing any easier?

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A Botfly is Born (Not Safe for Lunch)

Mark Moffet explains how a botfly came to parasitize his skinand how it escapedillustrating in the process the extent of his commitment to the cause of biodiversity. Video (not for the squeamish) after the jump.

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