6 Awesome Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & noise recording By Plus Sports

If you're like us then you tend to get sucked in to the app store and find yourself losing hours at a time finding the next app that solves your biggest first world problems...Take a look at ten awesome apps that you probably haven't heard of yet, that we absolutely can't live without!

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5 Of Our Favorite Deal Of The Day Sites


There are plenty of deal of the day sites floating around the internet but some tend to offer better merchandise than others so this afternoon we are feeding your shopping diva and sharing some of our favorites!

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Top Tech Headlines From This Week That You Need to Read

Gearfuse Logo

Here at Gearfuse we do our best to cover the hottest news in technology and general gadget news but sometimes that means a whole lot of articles for you to read. We know that you're just as pushed for time as we are these days so allow us to recap the week in headlines here at Gearfuse!

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Facebook Brings An End To Physical Gifting

Facebook Digital Redemption Codes

If you are a frequenter of Facebook then you will have noticed the constant prompts to "gift" someone something when it is their birthday or anniversary or...well, anything really. The Facebook physical gifting program has only been around for about a year and apparently within that year the program has not been as successful as Facebook had hoped.

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6 Toy And Game Web Templates We Recommend

Gaming web templates

Finding the right web templates for your sites can be tedious and time consuming but once in a while we run across a few good templates that we can't help but share. These six templates, while they are intended for toys and games would also make ideal gaming web templates.

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Google To Offer Server Side Encryption On Cloud Storage!

Google Cloud

In a move that we thought should have been made quite a long time ago, Google is now offering server side encryption on cloud storage. According to a recent revelation Google will begin offering server side encryption immediately. This means that data that is uploaded to the cloud storage platform will now be encrypted before being uploaded.

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