The Wonderful Gallery of Science: Vitruvian Man

The renaissance Vitruvian Man helped to bring about was above all a rehabilitation of the human being as the pinnacle of creation and the expression of a divine ideal; with the discovery of new cultures and ideals that followed, the notion of a single human ideal would be put to the severest test.

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The expanding Kinectosphere

Kinect hacks are emerging at a rapid pace; its hard to recall a mass-market gadget so quickly adapted to new uses. As Bruce Sterling points out, Microsoft accidentally invented a primo piece of art-installation hardware. It's this kind of DIY innovation that keeps tech feral.

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The uncanny GIF

The animated GIF may be little appreciated in the world of Web 2.0but in the right hands, it plays with the unsettling riddle of our mechanical nature.

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How to paint a fireball in the sky

"Some flashes of lambent light, much like the aurora borealis, were first observed on the northern part of the soon as the meteor emerged from behind the cloud, its light was prodigious."

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Kinect: ready-to-hack gadgetry

The ease with which the Microsoft Kinect can be torn downand the familiarity of the software driving ithas quickly proven a feature and not a bug for hackers. Hacking commercial gadgets is nothing new of course; but the pace at which hacks now appear, as well as the appeal they generate, is something to watch.

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Looking for Mars

The Red Planet has been the object of science fiction, paranoia, and fakery. And with numerous spacecraft now beaming back publicly-available images from our neighboring planet, Martian fantasizing is a growth industry. This film is one of the most convincing, and it isn't even from Mars. Video after the jump.

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