Flights of Fancy

A laboratory in Montana that limns the bases of avian flight; a tumblr that collects evidence of our airborne technological fantasies.

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Spirit of the Age

Seven years ago, Mars Exploration Rover Spirit landed on Mars. Mired in 2009 after traveling nearly five miles across the Martian landscape and silent since March, Spirit's parking spot may be its final resting place.

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Disintegrated Digital Frame Reverse-Engineers Ektachrome

The DIA Parrot wireless photo frame by Nodesign deconstructs the LCD, separating the backlighting from the display unit to create a luminous projection effect. Usually, an LCD unit is sandwiched with its opaque backlight, hiding the display’s smoky windowpane quality. By separating the two, the DIA Parrot celebrates the qualities of the LCD while providing a new/old lightboxing effect. The ...

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