Hacking MySpace Profiles Quicker Than Jesus

Valleywag has posted a great little exploit from a “Canadian computer guy” that allows you to access any private MySpace profile. Using a Yahoo! Mobile widget portal and a little URL trickery, you can easily browse through any private profile, photos included. I stopped using MySpace about two years ago, so I signed up with a throwaway Dodgit.com e-mail address ...

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Blue Oyster Cult: Hacking RFID on the London Underground

Here’s an interesting little hack that will make those of you in London light up with glee. Some wisecrack DIYer went and dissolved an RFID-based Oyster card for the Underground. The result? A lot of wires and an RFID chip left behind. As you can see in the video above, the card continues to work flawlessly and can now be ...

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Automatic car starter for the overly lazy

Is putting your keys into your car door too complicated or stressful for you? If so, the Deluxe Remote Car Starter is for you. And so is therapy because no one should be that bothered by keys. This little device which costs about $90 has a range of 1,000 feet, quite far for your normal house. For technical reasons, this ...

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