Gaming Awards

While the military usually commends the ultimate in respect and award, gamers are now branching out into awards. Have you completed the original Ninja Gaiden in a 10 minute period? Excellent. You deserve one of these NES medals for your courageous journey through the land of ninjas. Have you unleashed a 95-hit combo unto your opponent during a heated match ...

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Metal Gear Solid Touch Coming To iPhone Next Week

Solid Snake is gearing up for battle. He’s gotta head out for battle come next Thursday, March 19th as that’s the date Konami has set for the release of Metal Gear Solid Touch. You’ll be able to tap your way through scores of enemies and conduct tactical espionage action using only your middle finger. Expect it to come with a ...

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If you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll have to read up on the company’s asinine history sometime. The company created some shitty 3-D environment back in the dot-com boom days and because of this, it feels it owns all the patents pertaining to 3-D gaming. Now CEO Thom Kidrin is pulling a real douche move and is looking to sue the ...

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Activision Wants You To Get Oral with Sing Hero

This could be the worst idea ever, if it’s done the wrong way. While in principle, Activison recently filing for a trademark on the title “Sing Hero” is the logical step forward, this could spell some bad news for us. Of course, Sing Hero will be some sort of faux-music themed game, like Guitar Hero. So, not only will we ...

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A $4,000 Nintendo Wii? We’d Rather Choke

Sure, the Wii might be the worst damn console in history according to our very official and scientific calculations. But the Nintendo gaming platform must have its fans out there somewhere, right? So, for all three of you at the Pleasantville Senior Rest Home, we’ve got a real treat for you and your saggy-diapered, Wiimote-wielding asses. Pimped out with an ...

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I need not tell you how we feel about the Nintendo Wii here at Gearfuse. All I’m saying is that this screenshot from the game Excitebots is making me crack up this morning. “SUPER SANDWICH?” Seriously? Link

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Mario Spotted on the Streets of New York City

We figured that the second most famous plumber in the world (Screw you, Joe the Plumber Douche Bag. Can’t you just go away already?) would be spending his days looking for gold coins in the pipes of the most famous city in the world. Good luck on finding that gold though. Times are tough, my man. Frankly, I don’t blame ...

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Pepsi Natural: An Alternative For The Rest Of Us

It’s late at night and your World of Warcraft raid just started. You’re tired and know the only way you’re getting those sweet, sweet epics is to gulp caffeine until your stomach hurts. Instead of reaching for the standard fare, like Red Bull, why not give Pepsi a try? I’m not talking about your standard Pepsi here, I’m talking about ...

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The Beatles: Rock Band Gets A Release Date

“The British are coming! The British are coming!” Those words are running through every Best Buy employee’s mind right now as they prepare both mentally and physically for the upcoming release of The Beatles: Rock Band. Thank goodness their label, Apple Corps, decided to go with the Rock Band series and not Guitar Hero. Better interface, better equipment and better ...

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