Mii Cupcakes

Delicious but not nutritious! If these cupcakes are anything like the Wii, you’ll love them when you first get them and after a few weeks, they’ll sit on your kitchen counter growing stale by the minute. Or should I say miinute? Ha! Get it? I’ll see you in hell. Link

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Get Into Bed With The Super Mario Bros.

Oooh baby. Let me see that mustache. Very nice. Here, crawl into bed with me. Mmm, that’s a sexy raccoon tail you have there. How’d you say you got that again? Something about a red leaf now? Nevermind. I want you to do the nasty in front of everyone, I just don’t care. Let Boo and the Goomba watch us. ...

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Terry Bogard Action Figure

I can’t even begin to tell you about the excitement that filled my body when I came across this fucking incredible Terry Bogard action figure. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Terry, he’s from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series of fighting games from SNK Playmore. This figure is the coup de grace of all things ...

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Nike and Nintendo Power Up

It’s no secret that we here at Gearfuse are no fans of the Nintendo Wii. So really, it comes as no surprise that when Nike teamed up with Nintendo for its new Blazer sneaker, the end result was an ugly ass shoe. Look at that dull blue sole! And the Nike stitching on the back heel? It looks like it ...

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Blizzard’s 12-foot Orc Statue

You gotta hand it to Blizzard for having incredible taste. Taking a page from the Warcraft coffers, the team comissioned a 12-foot Orc statue from WETA, the special FX gurus behind the Lord of the Rings series of movies. Originally, the statue was shrunk down and given to employees as a gift but now all can bask in the Orc’s ...

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Pac-Man Stools

I love the look of these handmade stools that were spotted over in Japan. There’s a Pac-Man stool and then four additional stools shaped like ghosts. That’s right, take a seat and plop down on top of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. They won’t mind. After all, they’re inanimate objects from a 1980s video game. Link

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Smashing Pumpkins: The Video Game?

Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins are sadly no longer in their prime. It seems that most of Corgan’s uncanny song writing ability went out the window about the same time he ditched his hair. But Pumpkin fans continue to worship the band’s original genius. YouTube user elmacbee created this ultra-fake Smashing Pumpkins video game, which is pretty much just ...

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Gaming Awards

While the military usually commends the ultimate in respect and award, gamers are now branching out into awards. Have you completed the original Ninja Gaiden in a 10 minute period? Excellent. You deserve one of these NES medals for your courageous journey through the land of ninjas. Have you unleashed a 95-hit combo unto your opponent during a heated match ...

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Metal Gear Solid Touch Coming To iPhone Next Week

Solid Snake is gearing up for battle. He’s gotta head out for battle come next Thursday, March 19th as that’s the date Konami has set for the release of Metal Gear Solid Touch. You’ll be able to tap your way through scores of enemies and conduct tactical espionage action using only your middle finger. Expect it to come with a ...

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If you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll have to read up on the company’s asinine history sometime. The company created some shitty 3-D environment back in the dot-com boom days and because of this, it feels it owns all the patents pertaining to 3-D gaming. Now CEO Thom Kidrin is pulling a real douche move and is looking to sue the ...

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