6 Apps We Love To Zone Out With

Flow Free

Once in a while when work gets on your nerves, family is irritating the snot out of you and you just need to get out of your own head, apps can come in handy. These 6 are some of our favorite apps for winding down at the end of the day or just zoning out when the workload keeps on piling up.

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Timex Fingernail Watches…Not So Much

Fingernail Watch

Do you have trouble seeing your watch? Do you want more trouble seeing your watch? In 2009 the Timex fingernail watch won Timex's 2154 The Future of Time competition and lately the image of this futuristic watch has been making its rounds again.

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5 Gadgets We Just Don’t Understand

Video Game Hand Exerciser

Have you ever seen a gadget and wondered what the hell the inventor was thinking when they came up with it? We've seen some pretty weird gadgets in our time and today we want to highlight just a handful of them and snicker...just a little.

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6 Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

There are far too many kitchen gadgets to keep up with these days but there are a select few that no kitchen should be without. Today we're going to take a look at 6 kitchen gadgets that everyone should have in their kitchen.

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6 Really Cool Gadgets You Probably Don’t Need

Magnetic Suspension Device

There are thousands of gadgets in the world and quite a few of them really make life better. The thing is though, that there are about twice as many gadgets that really don't make the world better...they do, however, make it a little bit cooler. Take a look at these 6 really cool gadgets that you probably don't need.

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The Cliff Hanging Tree Hanging Tent

Cliff Hanging Tent

The "Hanging Cliff Tent" by Black Diamond is one of those "gadgets" that you see and know you must have it. Who wouldn't want to hang from a tree while camping? No bears, no cold ground, the feeling of swinging from the trees...

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Blinder Clip Handbag

I might be at the mercy of a terrible pun here, but I really find the Binder Clip Handbag entertainly ironic. It's a handbag designed to replicate a piece of stationery and hand bag's aren't much use for 'stationary' people. Yes... you see what I did there? That's called magic.

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