Ideazon Gaming Keyboard, Feel The Butterfly!

Ideazon might not be a “well-known” name in the tech macro world, but heavy gamers (and by heavy I don’t mean obese) might know them from their Zboards which come with custom key placement for specific games. Though for those who would rather not have to buy a new layout everytime they bought a new game, Ideazon also offers a ...

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Panasonic camcorders go HD

In an attempt at stealing some of the HD market (and I guess at producing crappy movies?), Panasonic has joined the HD club by announcing their two new HD camcorders. For those who love the Panasonic brand of personals camcorders, but also have always wished to analyze the pores in their children’s faces, can now have the brand recognition they’ve ...

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Pantech IM-R110 Cellphone, Swivel What Your Momma Gave You

One thing I’ve learned from watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through my childhood, was the phrase “if you have it, flaunt it”. Much like Carlton and his crazy swiveling hip dance, the Pantech IM-R110 (another Korean made mobile) adds a crazy swivel screen to it’s crazy t-shaped body. Along with it’s love it or hate it design, comes the ...

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