Letterpress chic

We're fascinated by all kinds of technology. Apple's remix of letterpress and desktop publishing may be more mainstream than steampunk, but it reminds us what a tremendous technology the press in all its manifestations can be. Follow the jump for a short film profiling Manhattan printer Robert Warner, master of printing technology from the turn of the last century.

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Apple puts letterpress in the cloud

In the excitement around the new MacBook Airs, another Apple product rollout has received less attention: the addition of a letterpress-printing option in iPhoto. But Apple's foray into craft printing should come as no surprise; Steve Jobs has always been an aficionado of classic typography.

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Steampunk Dishwashes Cleans Your Utensils, Armor

Prefer a Coat of Arms over a peacoat? Rayguns over the mighty handgun? We feel you. Your love of Steampunk culture is what keeps the DIY movement going and DVD sales of Blade Runner high. If you’re sick of turning electronics and computers into Steampunk creations, try giving your dishwasher the tile treatment. With a little brass and handiwork, your ...

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