Crossbar Creates Resistive RAM

RRam Technology

The new RAM from Crossbar is not only half the physical size of NAND RAM, but it is also 20 times faster writing at around 140MB/s. Need more reasons to check out this new memory technology? It's less draining on power, using 20 times less power and lasts 10 times longer than NAND.

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MediaTek Has An Octa-Core Processor In The Works


Sooooo you thought you were Mr. big shot with your hex-core processor eh? Well, prepare to be outdone because MediaTek has announced that they have an octa-core processor in the works. MediaTek has intrigued computer nerds everywhere with their announcement that they have a true octa-core processor in the works. The fine details of this processor remain a mystery and ...

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It’s Hard Being The Tech Savvy Friend

website codes

If you are the tech savvy friend in your circle of friends then you already know exactly what I'm talking about. As the "one with knowledge" you become the instant go to guy. Sure, other friends have this problem as real estate agents and doctors but people tend to break their computers and want tech advice far more often than they want to buy a new house or has a mysterious rash seen to.

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7 Computer Errors You Have To Laugh At

computer error

There are few things as frustrating as when your computer starts talking back to you. Sure, most of us know it's not the computer's fault, BUT that doesn't make those errors any less frustrating. Still, we found a few that you can truly laugh at.

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5 Desks You Need in Your Office

Han Solo Desk

If you're a workaholic then your desk plays a pretty important part of your everyday why not have a little fun with it, right? So we went looking for some really awesome desks that add a whole new level of play to being in the office all day.

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Blaze Video Magic Video Converting Software

Blaze Video Magic

When it comes to being a computer genius, things start to get a little ridiculous when there are so many different software options available. If you're like us then generally you will go with friend recommend a software if you're not sure where to start looking. Today, we're going to be that friend. Blaze Video Magic is one of our favorite video conversion software options, not only because they offer users a free trial, but because of its ease of use and variety of features.

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LAN Extenders And Their Applications

LAN Extender

If you're something of a computer DIY'er, then you might find yourself in need of a LAN extender at some point. What is a LAN Extender I hear you ask? First of all, if you're asking then more than likely you should be having someone else construct your super computer empire. Second of all, hold on and we'll tell you.

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