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Fossil 1970’s Styled Watch, Keep it retro, dude

Time warp, time! Let’s all disco dance by the light of this new 1970’s styled watch from Fossil. Not only does the watch reek of 70’s fashion sense, but also its complete lack of fashion sense as well. The wrist band looks like something from a nightmare. It reminds me of something a Native American or mountain man would be ...

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eBoy Tech Wall Poster, Spice Up Your Stucco

Perhaps the most accurate depiction of the internet ever? This poster is one hot piece of wall decoration. Nothing can support your inner geekiness more then a wall poster featuring all of the big names in the corporate internet world. Our personal favorite is the neon Foo Bar sign in the lower right corner. Wonder if they serve a smooth ...

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New LG ‘e-Book’ Concept is Gas-Guzzler

LG has unveiled a new concept laptop they call the ‘e-Book’. No, this isn’t an eBook reader. It’s a forward-thinking laptop, sporting an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen (which is much more energy-efficient than an ordinary LCD screen), a second OLED screen for the keyboard, and a fuel-cell battery. Here’s where things get confusing. Some sources report the battery uses ...

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