OnLive Gaming Service Might Shake Up Industry

Coming up with a new, viable idea in gaming is a tough challenge. After all, look what happened to the Phantom console after years of promises. A new service from entrepreneur Steve Perlman called OnLive is looking to challenge the home console as we know it. The basic concept of OnLive is that it takes the powerful game computations that ...

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Peek Unveils Pronto Email Device

We’re no strangers to Peek here at Gearfuse. The original device has gained somewhat of a cult following and has generated enough revenue and buzz for a new device. Today we have that device and it’s called the Peek Pronto. What’s so special about the Pronto? Exchange support and Push email. This is a huge move from Peek that’ll allow ...

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Nintendo To Roll Out App Store?

Take this rumor with a grain of salt, but there’s indication that Nintendo could be coming out with an App Store of its own for the Nintendo DSi. The device has two cameras on it, so it makes perfect sense to allow third-party developers to take advantage of the DSi’s unique hardware. Sources say that Nintendo is actually pushing this ...

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Report: You Will Get Raped In Animal Crossing

There’s a new report out now from Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force and you need to take this seriously, folks. Turns out, if you have a Nintendo Wii, your child risks being molested. I’m not joking! The game Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii is the new AOL chatroom of yesteryear. Don’t take my word for it, take Andy ...

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Twitter Unveils Premium Accounts

EDIT: I also failed to notice that this is A COMPLETE HOAX. Twitter is gaining in popularity, that cannot be denied. I still just don’t understand why people like to lifecast this much though, but hey, who am I to judge? The Twitterati will today be pleased to find out they can now pay Twitter a good chunk of money ...

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Microsoft Unleashes Internet Explorer 8

Like a bat out of hell, Microsoft this morning released Internet Explorer 8. As the follow up to the ultra-successful IE7, version 8 has a lot to live up to considering how commonplace Mozilla’s Firefox is becoming. New features include searching with images, web slices, new accelerated rendering engines and…well, yeah. That’s the gist of it. Walt Mossberg from the ...

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The iPhone 3.0 OS Update

So yesterday, Apple held one of its little private conferences where they go over some sick new product or service. This time, it was the iPhone 3.0 OS. So much stuff was covered that there’s no time for jokes. Let’s dive right into this shit:

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To DRM or Not To DRM?

So over the weekend, one of the bigger topics floating about the Internet involved Apple’s new iPod Shuffle. After dissecting the new set of headphones it comes with, Boing Boing Gadgets discovered a very small chip on the inside of the headphones that was overlooked by nearly everyone. BBG speculates that the chip is some kind of proprietary DRM chip ...

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Google Morphs GrandCentral Into Google Voice

Google today announced Google Voice, an improved version of the GrandCentral service it’s been offering since acquiring the company back in 2006. Before you jump for joy, realize that yes, there is a wait list for invitations and people who signed up for GrandCentral will get first dibs. Among some of the new features Google will be rolling out with ...

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If you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll have to read up on the company’s asinine history sometime. The company created some shitty 3-D environment back in the dot-com boom days and because of this, it feels it owns all the patents pertaining to 3-D gaming. Now CEO Thom Kidrin is pulling a real douche move and is looking to sue the ...

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