What Would Megan Fox Look Like As Catwoman?

The answer is simple. Really, really hot. I like a little sex appeal mixed in with my feline superheros and Megan Fox, who starred in both Transformers movies, is the sexiest damn woman in Hollywood at the moment. This mock-up wallpaper fulfills our fantasies by placing the foxy Fox in the iconic Catwoman mask. The rumor of her taking the ...

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Pirate Bay Goes Down, Comes Back Up Less Than 24 Hours Later

The ever elusive Pirate Bay seems to have slipped through the legal system again. After only a brief 3 hour lapse in service the torrent hosting site is back up, and branding the same typical attitude we’ve all come to expect from the company. Pirate Bay made a statement on their blog which makes a lot of sense and might ...

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Is This Screenshot Proof of iTunes 9 Social Networking Integration?

According to BGR, this screenshot taken from Facebook shows the upcoming social networking interaction offered by iTunes 9, expected to be announced at Apple’s September 9, 2009 special event. While the screenshot clearly shows notifications for new songs added to the iTunes library and the creation of a playlist, I wonder how far Apple has gone with the social interaction. ...

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K-Mart Leaks PS3 Price Reduction and New PS3 Slim

I’m not quite sure if this is intentional or one of the most bonehead moments in gaming release history, but either way K-Mart has mysteriously let slip some critical information about Sony’s future console releases and plans. Displayed on the K-Mart front page was an ad for a “new low price” and a “new exciting” PS3. Soon after the discovery ...

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iPhone Gmail Push Application Now Available

Tiverias Apps has unveiled their new Gmail push application, GPush, which claims to push Gmail e-mail messages directly to the iPhone, instantaneously, compared to waiting for the iPhone e-mail app to refresh. Users can take advantage of the iPhone’s push notification system, including audio alerts and pop-ups. The app is available in the App Store for 99 cents. But does ...

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How to Hook Up the NES

This amusing animated video by shamoozal takes a comical eye to the process of hooking up the classic NES gaming console. Nintendo might have started a gaming revolution with the NES, but thank the gaming lord that the hook up process has changed some. Follow the rules in this video and you might just live to play a game or ...

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