The Internet’s Last Supper

If the Last Supper was attended by our favorite animals from the best internet memes across the web, it would have probably looked something like this. Just with more poop. Who else but Keyboard Cat could take the place of the man himself? And, wow, I’d be so star-struck if I happened to get a seat. But the tickets per ...

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Book Review: Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain

I was recently sent a copy of Richard L. Brandt’s “Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain,” a book which attempts to delve into the inner circle of two of the most hermetic CEOs in tech, exploring the path of Google’s evolution and the company’s meteoric success in the process. The book provides some insight into one of the most close-knit triangles ...

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Wanna Be Social?

Hey y’all. I don’t want to start shoving social networking promotion down your throats (wouldn’t want you to gag now) but we here at Gearfuse love to keep in contact with our readers so we’d really love for you to connect! Here is where you can find us on two of the biggest social sites around: Twitter: Follow us ...

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AT&T iPhone Users Already Starting to Freak Out About MMS on Facebook

Only an hour before I predicted, people are already starting to freak out about not having the MMS update appear in iTunes yet, despite AT&T’s insistence that the update will appear in mid-afternoon for us Easterners and late morning for the west coast. Head over to AT&T’s Facebook page for a mildly entertaining look into the mind of geeks. Man… ...

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Movie Poster Mash-Ups

Living in a major city, you see tons of movie and theater posters pasted on every inch of the city’s walls. The high majority of these posters are defaced in some way. Torn or covered in graffiti. It usually pisses me off to see an artists work defaced, but these movie poster mash-ups are just awesome. I’d so see most ...

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Our Official Facebook Page is Now Live: Please Become A Fan!

Hey y’all. I know you probably just rolled out of bed or maybe just rolled into bed, depending on how dead-ass drunk you are, so this might not be the post you were looking for, but hey, it’s gotta be done! We just wanted to let you know that Gearfuse has finally made the jump to Facebook. We’d love if ...

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