Our Official Facebook Page is Now Live: Please Become A Fan!

Hey y’all. I know you probably just rolled out of bed or maybe just rolled into bed, depending on how dead-ass drunk you are, so this might not be the post you were looking for, but hey, it’s gotta be done! We just wanted to let you know that Gearfuse has finally made the jump to Facebook. We’d love if ...

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Films of the Future

Movie franchises have become pretty ridiculous. I mean, there are like five Bring It On movies. How many damn American Pie movies have their been? Worth1000 takes on the future of film franchises with their “Future Films” Photoshop contest. Check out a few of our favorites after the jump.

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Netflix Finally Hands Over $1 Million Prize; Starts a New Contest

Back in October 2006, Netflix began their $1 million challenge, offering a cash reward to the development team whom could improve Cinematch, the company’s recommendation engine, by at least 10%. After nearly three years the winner has finally been compensated. Netflix considered the million such a good investment that they’ve decided to start all over again. This time, Netflix will ...

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A Cross Stitch Sampler of the Internet

Back in the good ole days, crafty old women would test out their hot new stitches on what is known as a cross stitch sampler, basically a strip of cloth with a series of random stitches sewn across it. Most of the time these samplers are tacky and boring, branding cliched messages such as “Home Sweet Home.” The Internet Cross ...

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Face Analysis Site Gives You a Complex

Have you ever wondered how you stack up? Just how beautiful are you, based on your face’s symmatry? Anaface lets you mark the features of your face with magical dots of measurement. The service than gives you a run down on your imperfections. I scored an 8.82. Clearly this site knows what it’s talking about. Link [via]

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The Real American Beauty

I’d hit it and then take it to a buffet in my Ford. The real “American Beauty” looks more like this than Mena Suvari. Mena’s got a monster forehead anyway. You ever seen that thing? The size of a damn billboard. Link

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