20 Years Ago Today, The World’s First Website Went Live; And Now It’s Back

On April 30, 1993, CERN published the world's first URL; basically a statement declaring the World Wide Web as a thing, saying said thing was to be available royalty-free. 20 years ago today, went live, and changed the world, providing the world with billions and billions of porn sites so disgusting that even your living mother would spin in her non-dug grave.

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In Enemy Territory: Path Now Advertising On Facebook

It was only days ago that data analysis concluded that Facebook had been losing users in droves, over 6 million US users last month alone, a 4% drop. Analysts concluded the exodus was a result of new up-and-coming social networks such as Instagram and Path stealing the fleeing user base

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Food Photography is Cliche; Photos of Hipsters Taking Photos of Food is Not

Food photography as an art form has become a "thing". Which basically means that hipsters have ran any artistic merit that food photography once held into the ground. Luckily for us, taking pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food is still amusing, and is quickly becoming a "thing" itself thanks to the single-serving Tumblr blog, "Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food."

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How VPN’s Could Save The World

Imagine living in a world where everything you read or look at, every single piece of communication and correspondence, every virtual piece of information that you create is monitored, siphoned through with a microscope and filtered.

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