Nirvanix Cloud Storage Service Closes It’s Doors


Nirvanix cloud storage services has officially announced the closing of their doors and pulled their website. Nirvanix cloud storage service is officially closing it's doors and they have placed a customer address on what was previously their website.

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The Blackberry Messenger App For Desktops

Blackberry Messenger

Yes, we know that the news has been all about Blackberry this past week but hey, don't shoot the messenger! Today Blackberry announced a Blackberry messenger app for desktop users. Blackberry announced that at this week's BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 they will be launching a Blackberry messenger application for desktop computers.

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StumbleUpon Makes Its First Acquisition!


Stumbleupon has been around for quite a while but just today, Stumbleupon announced their acquisition of 5by. 5by is a small video start up company based out of Montreal. 5by details their company as being a video concierge company that is made up of only six people and their entire staff will be moving to Stumbleupon headquarters with the new acquisition.

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Apple Introduces The Kids App Store

Kids App Store

If you have a kid who is constantly playing with your iPad or iPhone (because honestly if you have a kid who has their own, we need to talk) then you might be happy to know that Apple has just launched a kids version of the app store.

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Google Wallet Tackles Apple Passbook!

Google Wallet

Google announced today that they're going to be tackling the competition by stepping up their Google Wallet and bringing things to a whole new level! Recent changes to Google Wallet now mean that users can not only send money to friends utilizing a debit or credit card as well as their Google Wallet wallet balance, but that they can also utilize loyalty programs.

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