We Got Served

Hey, guys. Sorry for the minor foul up this morning. Gearfuse has been having some server glitches so we’ve changed hosting plans with Media Temple. We’ll now be able to handle our rapidly growing traffic. We should be back to normal pretty soon. Though, if things are a little glitchy, we apologize for the annoyance. Thanks for reading. You guys ...

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Spy Pics: SonyEricsson thin 3G candybar and slider due May

SonyEricsson is preparing an announcement in May; supposedly at least 2 handsets would be introduced, the Shinobu (above, left) and Nicole (above, right). These devices (and the W580i) would use a modified UI with a reorganization of keys, namely the addition of dial-hang up buttons. We enlarged the original pictures so that you can see the SonyEricsson watermark too, please ...

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Macworld 2007 LIVE coverage coming up – 1 day left

We’ll be on the ground in San Francisco for this year’s Macworld Conference & Expo, so expect a full coverage of the show, keynote, and booth tours. Check out Gearfuse on Tuesday for a deluge of Apple related news including pictures and announcements of all the new gadgets and gizmos we can get our hands on. Live and up to ...

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Macworld 2007 LIVE coverage coming up – 2 days left

Macworld 2007. Finally just around the bend. The two big questions this year…will a new iPod be displayed and of course the infamous question of whether the “iPhone” will become a reality. Possible announcements include iTV, OS X Leopard, iLife iApps, a Touchscren iPod, Cinema Displays With iSight, MacBooks. Gearfuse will be live at Macworld 2007, bringing you the fastest, ...

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Happy New Year from everyone at Gearfuse!

It’s been quite a year in technology. From Google’s continued domination to the expansion of Web 2.0 and social networks. 2006 was Gearfuse’s first year in the industry, and we eagerly await our inevitable release onto 2007. So, from everyone at Gearfuse, Happy New Year, and thank you for visiting. Come again soon! — Gearfuse Staff

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BlackBerry Pearl comes to Cingular

The BlackBerry Pearl has redefined our thoughts of what eye candy should be. It’s slim design combined with the large beautiful screen cause one to think “iPod who?” Fortunately for Cingular customers, the BlackBerry Pearl has officially been released and is now available for anyone to buy. The Pearl is currently listed at $200 with a 2 year contract or ...

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