Castoos Reveal Your Internal Breakage

I’ve broken several bones in my life, and my orthopedist was cool enough to supply me with a neon green cast after every breakage. Friends and family were quick to fill the casts with snide signatures and sympathetic autographs. But let me tell you this. If I had been�fortunate�enough to have Castoos in my day, and someone even thought about approaching with a Sharpie, they would have gotten a face full of plaster.

Castoos offer a wide variety of bone-themed casing designs, as well as even allowing you to send over a copy of your X-rays and have your very own injury printed onto the cast. Sure, signatures were half the fun, even if the only people who signed it were your close family, but I think I wouldn’t mine looking cool for once. Even if I had to break a bone to do it. Quick, Grandpa, hit me with that baseball bat, my rep needs some work.

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