Canon released portable electronic dictionaries w/ MP3 playback

canon worldtank v300

Canon has released two new electronic dictionaries to ease your spelling problems. The Wordtank M300 and the Wordtank V300 also have the ability to playback your MP3s. So while an iPod or some other portable audio device probably does the job better, this can serve as a quick alternative. Seeing as these are first dictionaries and second audio players, the speakers are also assigned the duty of text-to-speech when you need to know how a certain word is pronounced. It’s too bad that we don’t see any ebook functionality here, that would make this an even more intriguing device now that ebook technology is getting reasonable enough for consumers to be truely interested. While these aren’t exaclty being marketed as pocket dictionaries, take a look, they are certainly smaller than that Websters you have laying around gathering dust.

canon worldtank m300

Nik Gomez

Canon´┐Żs Electronic Dictionary with an MP3 Player: Managing Data Just Got Easier [Gizmowatch]

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