Butterfly phone concept made by a high-schooler is gorgeous


Believe it or not, this exquisite phone concept design was made by a high school student. 15-year-old Andrew Kim posted his design on a forum recently and has understandably been getting great feedback. The Butterfly features a horizontal slider with dual AMOLED touchscreens. Unlike other horizontal sliding phones, Butterfly would feature a “slide ‘n tilt” feature, allowing the first screen to become your keypad.

The phone would also feature a SD card slot, audio/video playback, and a side button which deactivates the touchscreen for pocket-friendly use. Like any other design, there are some drawbacks. For one, you would have to slide out the phone to use the keypad, and then slide it back to activate the call, which we guess could be a perk if you look at it from a keypad-free standpoint. Still though, absolutely gorgeous. And we thought the Pantech concept phones were cool? They need to hire this kid.



Andrew Dobrow

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