Burger King’s newest way to lure children is working, video games selling

burger king video games

There’s no shame left for the fast-food industry. Instead of subliminally trying to get kids to eat their food and come to their restaurants, now they are just putting it right in peoples faces. And the scary thing is it seems to be working.

Burger King’s stocks are up 40%, which is directly related to the video game releases of the chain. This just doesn’t seem kosher at all. Are the games really that good where they are flying off the shelves? Anyway…that Burger King scares the crap out of us. He’s creepy as hell. — Andrew Dobrow

Burger King is in the video game business; earnings up to 40% thanks to Xbox [Consumerist]

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  1. Burger king and many of the fast food chains are shifting to transfat free food.

  2. Transfat free or not. The amount of calories in a Whopper is still gross. It’s fine every once in a while, but there are parents that rely on it.

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