Bullet-Proof Stroller

Bullet Proof Stroller

Tired of missing out on gunfights because the baby needs a sitter? This heavy weight bullet-proof stroller will change all that thanks to its rugged design.

Designed to withstand all modern ballistics, including armor piercing rounds, the Bullet-Proof Baby Stroller promises 100% protection for your child — and your groceries should it come down to that. Its the “ultimate in style, comfort and extreme combat protection.” So grab a gun, some extra diapers and get in the battle! Available for $599. Check out a video of the Bullet-Proof stroller in action here. � Sean Fallon


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  1. This is a hoax – if you look at their items, every one of them is out of stock (not to mention the demo video shows all the WRONG ways to handle a gun).

  2. Could be. Their description information did seem a little too bizarre to be believable.

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