Buffalo’s 8x Blu-ray Recorder

So you’re like Ryan and have a 50GB+ porn collection and you need to back it up, eh? You don’t own a file server and that’s not really up your alley, so that’s out. You’d burn it to a DVD except it’d take about a month before you finished. Simply deleting it isn’t an option. So what are you left to work with?

Buffalo’s latest Blu-ray drive is what. It comes in an internal and external version, supports burning single-layer BD-R discs at a stunning 8x. It can burn DL BD-R at 2x, DVDs at 16x and the standard 48x for CD-Rs. Don’t forget: it can play all the aforementioned formats as well. At ~$430 for the external version and ~$400 and about $375 for the internal drive. Essentially, the deal of the century if you own a Playstation 3.

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