Buffalo WiFi Adaptor increases signal strength by 210% while hideously disfiguring your style

buffalo wifi adaptor

Depending on how much your signal strength effects your life, and whether design or performance are the more important aspect for you, the Buffalo WiFi would appeal to the latter. The Buffalo WiFi adaptor might just be a black strip of ugliness, but at least it has a use.

The Buffalo WLI-U2-SGH54HP, brings new meaning to the phrase “very long name for a simple job”. Many tasks are manageable with such an item, most of which are illegal. But being under the assumption that your going to use a WiFi adaptor to boost your signal 210% in your very large house or another legal means, we’d say it seems pretty cool if you don’t care about it being an eyesore.

You’ll be able to get them for around 30 euros, and no information concerning an American release seems to be around. — Andrew Dobrow

The Buffalo wireless adaptor [Akihabaranews]


  1. how can i get WLI U2 SGH54HP. anyone know the website

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