Bruce Sterling’s Master Class

Bruce Sterling gives a master class in futurism for the Vimeo Festival. Short version: Vimeo is the Dick Van Dyke Show of the Internet. To last the way Carl Reiner’s show has done, Vimeo has to figure out the vernacular version of “class,” the quality to which Rob Petri aspired. One way the show grasped at class was by promoting Kent, a “classy” brand of cigarettes. Looking back, of course, we see all kinds of problems with that, problems only dimly apparent to Dick Van Dyke’s 1961 audience. So�you also have to figure out what Vimeo’s Kent cigarettes are, too. If you want to know how to think about the future, here’s where you start.

Closing Keynote: Vernacular Video from Vimeo Festival on Vimeo.

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